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What do we do? 

We identify the underlying root causes to market behaviours and the drivers to business performance.

We provide companies with measurements of how their customers rate their delivery of critical success factors

We determine the strengths and the gaps in a company’s value proposition and partner relationships.

We help clients review and develop their channel and offer strategies.

We provide our clients with prioritised actions plans and recommendations.

How we do it?

We apply proven methodologies developed at Cranfield, Gloucestershire and Cambridge universities.

We have qualified, experienced and trained practitioners to deploy the tools.

Our team has extensive operational and management experience.

We leverage our partnerships with leading specialist firms and consultancies.

How we work.

Customer Adoption Models

We use advanced research to map and model the factors that influence customers buying habits.

Value Proposition

We use specialist tools to examine and improve value propositions by analyzing the way value is exchanged between all stakeholders.

Partner Relationships

We use the unique Mindshare methodology to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of channel or strategic relations and create prioritized action plans.

Research, Strategy and Transformation

Our tools and experience allow us to analyse market and channel situations to provide straegic evaluations with recommendations for effective transformation.