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Our Services

We use advanced research techniques to identify the motivations and hinders to customer adoption of new offers and their accelerated increased usage of existing services.

We use structured, more traditional survey techniques alongside inductive methods to identify and then measure the factors influencing a partners or customers behavior. This helps our customers prioritize actions as well as track key metrics.

We use statistical modeling to determine the correlations and interactions between critical success factors and key performance indicators such as the Net Promoter Score.

Typical Problem Statement: Company requires understanding / situational analysis before undertaking change

Typical Deliverable: Comprehensive research report including insight and recommendations on next steps.

Case Study: Rootsquared completed a major project in 2018 to build an model for a global software vendor to undestand the root causals to customer adopition of new services.

The methodology used to deliver the Value Proposition module is based on the Cambridge Value Generation Tool developed by the Cambridge University Institute of Manufacturing.

The full toolset includes eight tools which can be configured in various ways depending upon the specific challenges that are being examined. When applied in standard order they are usually deployed in several one day workshops with time in between each to allow for assimilation of the outcomes by the company or companies involved.

Each workshop is facilitated by rootsquared specialists who have been trained by the University of Cambridge. The tools are particularly effective in examining the opportunities and approaches in transforming product based models to service models.

Each tool has been developed with a straightforward set of steps and examples that allow the participants in a workshop to follow the process and maximise the benefits from their participation.

Typical Problem Statement: Company struggling to understand if they are optimising the overall return for a product or service.

Typical Deliverable: Clear understanding and quantification of the changes required, the opportunities available, change readiness assessment and transformation plan. 

Case Study – UK Retailer with a vision uses Value Generation Tool to become ‘intra-preneurial’ ahead of market disruption

Case Study – International Company & SME with disruptive technology applied the tool to identify new ways to consider the value they were able to create individually and collectively

Case Study – Multinational Corporation Division bringing new product set to market used the tools to examine the potential stakeholders and value opportunities for a new product.

Click to download Rootsquared_Value Generator Tool Case Studies

The rootsquared Mindshare Model (c) measures 23 attributes which underlie the strength and nature of channel and strategic partnerships.

These metrics can be compared over time as well as against competition see Mindshare Spider Chart below.

Research has shown that up to 15% performance improvement in sales or cost saving can be described as the relationship premium, which is the tangible benefit that strong partnerships bring with them.

Typical Problem Statement: Channel partners are underperforming or at risk of switching allegiance.

Typical Deliverable: Clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses of channel partnerships. Set of prioritized corrective actions

Case Study: The major global software vendor, Oracle, used Mindshare as a key methodology to measure and subsequently improve channel loyalty and performance across multiple geographies.

Strategic planning uses market analysis and research to form the basis for an assessment of your strategy. Our approach is grounded in building a detailed understanding of the operational environment, and using our extensive experience to  advise on the choices to drive tangible actions for change.

Project Management expertise will assess the effectiveness of your transformation projects. Or, alternatively, we can help you set up of the governance and framework for any new projects.

Typical Problem Statement : Refresh strategy or confirm existing one; Current change projects are not performing according to plan or on track.

Typical Deliverable: Strategic plan assessment : Is it fit for purpose or does it need changing. Support the strategy planning progress. project Management assessment to review the effectiveness and risks of transformation projects. 

Case Study: Large multinational technology company needed to re engineer its business model. We delivered a range of change programs to achieve a benchmark target operating model.

Our Commitment to you

We aim to drive tangible and measurable change for our clients. Our focus is to help our clients transition to new business models by understanding critical trends in their markets, optimising their value proposition and enhancing their channel partnerships.

rootsquared is a consulting company with a difference. It brings together the academic and business worlds to provide tools and robust frameworks.

These tools and techniques have been widely used across several industry sectors and have a proven track record. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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