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Reports and White Papers

Research Report:

The Distribution Landscape and Disruption: Trends and Challenges to 2022. Commissioned by Global Technology Distribution Council. Click here to download:  Rootsquared_Distribution and Disruption Oct 2017




Enterprise Relationship Management: A Paradigm For Alliance Success by Andrew Humphries, Richard Gibbs. Available from

Strategic Alliances and Marketing Partnerships: Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Collaboration and Partnering, by Richard Gibbs and Andrew Humphries. Available from

Collaborative Change: Creating High Performance Partnerships and Alliances Authored and edited by Andrew Humphries, Richard Gibbs Available from

The Unmarked Path: Oracle’s journey into Eastern Europe’s mid-market businesses through a partner network, by Michel Clement (Academic Advisor Richard Gibbs)



Competitive channel relationship management: When resellers establish competing manufacturer relationships  by Alberto Sa Vinhas and Richard Gibbs Marketing Letters September 2012

Sustainable value analysis tool for value creation. Asian Journal of Management Science and Applications, 1(4), 312–332. (2015) Yang, M., Vladimirova, D., Rana, P. & Evans, S

Seminars and Lectures

Webinar. November 2017. Findings from the Global Technology Distribution Council sponsored research: Distribution Landscape and Disruption. Click here for slide deck. Webinar Presentation – 19 Oct 2017